UX Design & Prototyping

Discover unanticipated hurdles and enhance UI, UX issues at the earliest stage before your design and development work begins.

Software system prototyping is a flawless choice for refining functionality, detecting possible issues and setting right priorities. Our pioneering prototyping services give you a blueprint of upcoming product with a supreme sense of functional designations, visuals, interface etc.

Why Virti’s Prototyping services?

  • Prompt changes in Key Interaction points
  • Get priceless feedback of your investors and other stakeholders and go for modifications before development starts.
  • Saves both – Time and Money
  • Idea Validation and user testing can be applied before development
  • Blueprint of Application before the actual development starts
  • Perform various business circumstances
  • Advance usability

What we do?

Static Mockups

For abstract designs and trouble-free software systems, we prepare a broad set of interface sketches for task/screen-flows that allow you to achieve full compliance with your vision.

Clickable Wireframe

Clickable wireframes help to assess the system functionality and inspect the software product with different data samples through multiple scenarios.


Specification for your upcoming system is made as comprehensive as possible to ensure all your specific elements are incorporated and emphasized.

Design Interface

Our profound team of graphic design experts can deliver chic graphical user interface (GUI) for your application. Get a complete look and feel of your application during prototype stage.

Want to turn your project thought in to reality?